NY-BEST Member: Aestus Energy Storage
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The Aestus Thermal-Mechanical Energy Storage System (TESS) is a first-of-its-kind, highly efficient (72%+ ɳ) thermal energy storage solution which provides its innovation by leveraging proven technologies and safe, abundant earth materials (no fire or caustic chemical risks). TESS generates and stores heat by compressing an inert fluid in a high working temperature cycle. Heat is stored in well insulated ceramic heat sinks and released upon demand to generate power by working fluid expansion. The system’s closed loop configuration is comprised of two turbo trains (compressor/turbine) and recuperation. The electric power conversion is performed using a permanent magnet generator and power electronics. The base system is configurable to a variety of storage needs (0-20+ MWh), offering 10+ hours of energy discharge duration for one set of power block (2MW) and energy storage unit pairing, scalable for larger power needs, easily sited, cost-competitive, and highly reliable. Aestus Energy Storage will offer systems that support fast ramp and long duration use cases in front and behind the meter.

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