Advanced Energy Center Member Spotlight
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The Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University is a partnership of academic institutions, research institutions, energy providers and industrial corporations. Its mission is innovative energy research, education, and technology deployment with a focus on efficiency, conservation, renewable energy, and nanotechnology applications for new and novel sources of energy.

The Advanced Energy Center is located in a standalone LEED Platinum building organized around core laboratories that support the organization’s main energy research thrusts. These laboratories are designed to be flexible in order to allow a diversity of research and the ability to be converted and reconfigured for future activities. The Center includes a combination of traditional laboratories, a high-bay lab, and a number of outdoor spaces that support research at all stages from the nanoscale to pilot plant to real-life simulation. The building itself promotes maximum energy conservation with a combination of its site selection, stormwater runoff control, building construction management, materials, water usage reduction, and energy-efficient lighting.

The Advanced Energy Center is home to about 120 funded energy projects covering research and technology development in a broad range of topics. Areas of research include alternative clean energy sources, enhanced production from renewable sources, energy efficiency in residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors, and more. Technologies include fuel cells, photovoltaics, batteries, polymeric materials, and many others. Energy storage is a fundamental core of the center’s mission as is smart grid technology. The center features state-of-the-art purpose-built and dedicated battery research labs. Along with the leadership in Albany, it formed the NYS Smart Grid Consortium. In addition, the center is closely linked to Energy research at Brookhaven National Laboratories and almost half of its energy researchers have joint appointments with BNL.

Very recently, the Advanced Energy Center announced that it had been selected to receive a $10 million Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) award. The Stony Brook group will lead a multi-institutional entity to be called the Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties (m2m), which will conduct basic science research to advance and enable the deliberate design of materials and components to achieve higher performing, longer life, and safe energy storage systems, including batteries. Esther Takeuchi, Ph.D., who holds joint appointments in the Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science in Engineering at Stony Brook and is Chief Scientist in Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Global and Regional Solutions Directorate, will lead the Center. The m2m team includes Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Columbia University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, UC Berkeley, and the University of North Carolina. Matching funds from New York State, Stony Brook, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Columbia University and RPI will augment the federal funding.

The Advanced Energy Center is also home to an incubation program for energy companies. Known as the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP), the program provides assistance and resources for developers of renewable and clean energy technologies. CEBIP provides a home for these enterprises as well as the business acumen and technologies resources of its management team, advisory board, and diverse partners. Current incubator occupants include Unique Technical Services (UTS), Brookhaven Technologies Group, CHEM3, Solar Cool Technologies, ThermoLift, Inc., YUCO Optics, Energystics, and the Greater Long Island Green Cities Coalition.

The Advanced Energy Center plays an active role in many other aspects of New York’s growing energy industry. It assists Empire State Development with the Start-Up NY program, which is working to attract energy companies to the state. For the past eight years, the center has run the Advanced Energy Conference that is open to all groups in the energy space in New York State and beyond. This conference series has attracted thousands of attendees from in and out of state and country and has become one of America’s most comprehensive and influential events focused on the future of energy. The most recent Advanced Energy Conference featured the active participation of 21 different energy-related groups in the state. NY-BEST has played an active role in the conference since its founding.

The Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University truly lives up to its official designation as New York State’s Center of Excellence in Energy. For more information about the center, visit their website

Jul 24, 2014

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