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Adara Power, based in Milpitas, California, provides safe, reliable, intelligent, and connected energy storage systems primarily tailored for residential customers and well suited to homes with solar energy systems. Adara’s systems provide peak shifting, backup power, and energy efficiency to homeowners and enables them to participate in emerging interactive energy exchanges.

Adara has seen rapid adoption of its technology, which encompasses an easy to install, pre-validated total solution for residential energy storage. The Adara Energy Storage System is now available nationwide with completed installations in seven U.S. states, including California, Nevada, New York, Maine, Hawaii, Utah and North Carolina. In addition, Adara recently achieved a significant milestone of 5MWh peak-shifted by their network of distributed residential energy storage systems. The deployed systems have collectively provided homeowners with 25,000 hours of reliable back-up power and a reduction of approximately 9,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

Adara celebrated the first installation of its Energy Storage System in Nevada with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in April at a residential home. In attendance were federal, state, and local representatives and officials, renewable energy interest groups, local and trade media, as well as new residential solar customers who wanted to learn how energy storage benefits Nevada’s solar industry. This first installation includes dual 8.6kWh Adara Energy Storage Systems for 17.2kWh total capacity, along with an 11kW solar array. The grid-tied installation, located in NV Energy’s territory, is designed to reduce the amount of energy drawn from the grid and increase the consumption of on-site energy produced by the solar panels.

The Adara Energy Storage System is an intelligent, stackable 8.6kWh lithium-ion battery system designed for safe, reliable, long lasting power management. It is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Adara Power based on the company’s years of automotive lithium ion control systems engineering. Each system delivers more than 10 years of operation or a minimum of 4,000 cycles of operation. The Adara Energy Storage System is housed in an indoor/outdoor, floor or wall-mounted UL-rated enclosure.

The Adara Power controller is the brains of the system. It constantly monitors the state of the battery, the PV output and building load from the inverter and determines the mode of operation based on customer bill rates and other priorities. There is a balance between rates of charge and discharge, operating temperature, depth of discharge and number of cycles that must be achieved to ensure long life. Adara Power’s lithium-ion battery system will last over 10 years in operation. All Adara Energy Storage Systems are connected to the Cloud through a robust and secure cellular connection. There are no fire walls or router issues to deal with for installers and homeowners. The data is securely managed and used to provide the homeowner with status, reporting and control via a mobile app.

Greg Maguire, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Adara commented that “Adara Energy Storage Systems are now installed in seven states by solar installers who are actively including storage in their quotes to their new and existing customers. Feedback from their customer base has indicated that homeowners love the added security and self-reliance that comes with intelligent, grid-tied backup power, as well as the financial savings from peak-shifting excess solar into the evening. We provide full support through the rapid installation process and our systems can now be priced to show a positive ROI for homeowners and greater revenue for the solar installer.”

Adara, a privately-held Silicon Valley company, was founded in 2013 under the original name JuiceBox Energy.


Jun 3, 2016

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