NY-BEST Member: Abundant Solar Power Inc.
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Abundant Solar Energy Inc. and Abundant Solar Power Inc. (“Abundant”) were created out of a desire to transform the green energy initiatives in Canada and the USA. 

The executives have over 50 years of combined expertise in the renewable energy industry. In Canada, Abundant manages over $50 Million dollars of development equity capital with a total developed and completed solar projects of approximately $150 Million dollars. Abundant has the highest success rate in Ontario for securing and delivering solar PV Feed-in Tariff (“FIT”) contracts. Approximately 30MW of Assets under Management Approximately 40MW of Awarded and under EPC FIT 4 Contracts Approximately 100 MW of FIT 5 contract applications submitted and contracts are anticipated to be awarded in 2017 Abundant Solar Power Inc. (“ASP”) is a U.S. subsidiary of Abundant Solar Energy Inc. ASP is a full service solar developer with over 85 MW under development in New York and Maryland.

ASP focuses on commercial, industrial and community solar opportunities. With highly competitive levels of industry experience in commercial solar PV installations, procurement, structural and electrical engineering, international and local business development and strategy, Abundant is equipped to take a solar development idea, turn it into a viable, energy producing entity with healthy financial returns for its investors, property owners and stakeholders. Offering services that include operations and maintenance, as well as asset management, Abundant is the top full-service solar developer. We invite you to connect with us to discuss the opportunity of working together. 

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