AWS Truepower Member Spotlight
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AWS Truepower, based in Albany, New York, is a renewable energy consultancy that provides engineering services, energy and resource solutions, software and data platforms to support the development, operations and acquisition of wind and solar projects. For over thirty years the company has pioneered technical solutions that have empowered clients to succeed. AWS Truepower began as a tiny start-up and is now a leading global consultancy that has assessed over 125 GW of wind and solar energy projects in over eighty countries. AWS Truepower attributes its success to its staff of highly-skilled staff engineers, meteorologists, and environmental specialists who are responsive, transparent, and knowledgeable.

“Our company has always focused on innovation and client success, said Dr. Bruce Bailey, CEO at AWS Truepower. We’ve pioneered technical solutions that have lifted the industry’s development practices to higher levels of performance. For example, as a critical mass of operating assets became established, our scope expanded to encompass plant performance optimization, short-term forecasting, grid integration, and independent engineering. As the industry evolves further, we will continue to diversify to stay at the forefront of progress.”

AWS Truepower’s clients include renewable project developers, investors, and plant owner-operators to utilities, system operators, grid planners and government agencies. Typical services span the project development lifecycle: project feasibility, development, financing and pre-construction, construction and operations, and support grid-connected renewable energy management, mergers, acquisitions, and investments.

What is the next frontier for AWS Truepower? The company has been adapting services to support energy storage technology. Energy storage technology can give renewable technologies greater flexibility and capacity firming through time-shifting the energy generated. As a provider of simulated wind and solar project production data and forecasting services for grid operations and the management of large-scale renewable energy distribution, AWS Truepower offers grid planners, aggregators, and operators of energy storage technology a more intelligent perspective on battery sizing and dispatching strategies.

What sets AWS Truepower apart in this category is that they understand the impact of centralized and distributed solar and wind technologies on the grid and the importance of ensuring reliable and economical operations. The company has played a central role in many influential grid integration studies such as the Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission Study (EWITS) for NREL and the Oahu Wind Integration Study (OWIS). Using this experience, AWS Truepower can help planners, utilities, aggregators and energy service providers plan and size energy storage facilities by providing simulated wind and solar resource data. By combining its advanced models with actual production data, the company can provide site-specific energy-generation profiles for existing and future projects. The synthesized data provides realistic representations of the seasonal and diurnal generation patterns, the variability of the resource and generation on time scales of seconds to years, and power ramp behavior.

Today, AWS Truepower provides forecasts for over 43 GW of wind and solar generation, or two-thirds of the capacity in North America. As the leading forecast provider for grid operators in North America, the company offers the high security and guaranteed reliability these customers demand. This can also be scaled to the needs of energy storage providers. AWS Truepower employs sophisticated atmospheric models and adaptive statistical techniques that are customized for each client to produce the most accurate forecasts possible. The forecast system predicts wind/solar resource at a project site, then converts that prediction into plant output estimates. These forecasts can be provided from several minutes to several days in advance. Subscribers have access to a web-based interface that presents all the information the user needs in a clear and simple format. With a mouse-click, customers can access tabular or graphical forecasts and examine the recent record of forecast accuracy.

Established in 1983, AWS Truepower has been a long-time leader and innovator in renewable energy consulting. Headquartered in New York, AWS Truepower has offices in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Sep 19, 2016

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