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AES Energy StorageAES Energy Storage, a subsidiary of the AES Corporation, develops, owns and operates grid-scale advanced storage projects.  With more than 150 MW of resources online, AES Energy Storage operates the largest fleet of advanced battery-based storage assets in commercial operation today.   The company has more than 1,000 MW in development in the US, South America, Europe, and Asia.  The primary focus for AES has been to provide reserve and peak capacity for utility, generator and load-serving customers.

The company offers services from energy storage resources under performance based power purchase and O&M agreements, similar to how it has provided power to customers for more than 30 years.  This ensures the benefits of a fast, flexible, emissions- free power asset for utility or power system customers at the least risk and within industry-standard contracting mechanisms.  AES’ customers direct the dispatch of the resource and can optimize to their unique needs whether this includes the provision of operating reserves, decremental or peak capacity, load following, reactive power, deferred transmission upgrades, or other profiles.    

Within these contracts, the company is able to prepare a storage installation from initial value analysis into design, through construction, and then achieve reliable operation. Power plant owners can improve capacity factor using storage by releasing existing reserve capacity.  Utilities and load-serving entities can make better use of existing power plants through improved dispatch and fast acting reserves.  T&D utilities can enhance capacity and reliability of their system in areas where it may be difficult to add new transmission or generating capacity. 

One of AES’ upcoming projects is a new storage installation at the Tait generating station south of Dayton, Ohio.  This battery array will provide frequency regulation to the PJM Interconnection, which controls the power grid for 60 million people in the Northeast and Midwest US.  The Tait storage array, which comes online this fall, will add 40 MW of storage resource to PJM, bringing AES storage resources in PJM to over 100 MW.  The AES installation at PJM’s Laurel Mountain facility in Pennsylvania recently reached the 400,000 megawatt-hour service milestone.

A key element in AES’ solution is a patented control system called the sOS™ or storage Operating System.  The sOS utilizes algorithms that optimize the response and efficiency of storage arrays, allowing them to achieve very high levels of performance and availability.  The development of the system leveraged decades of experience operating in power markets around the world and has been in commercial use by AES for nearly five years.

The sOS platform can efficiently and seamlessly integrate a variety of battery and inverter technologies into storage arrays and includes unique modules designed to optimize system performance in key markets.   AES storage arrays within PJM, NYISO and ERCOT (the grid operator in Texas) each have market-specific modules that maximize the value of the systems for the customers in those markets.

These storage solutions are delivered by the AES Corporation, which is a Fortune 200 global power company with a workforce of 25,000 people.  AES provides affordable, sustainable energy to 23 countries through a diverse portfolio of distribution businesses as well as thermal and renewable generation facilities.  The company’s 2012 revenues were $18 billion and it owns and manages $42 billion in total assets. 

AES combines its knowledge from serving power systems and utilities around the world with strong technology partnerships and industry leading storage implementation and operations experience to provide a fully proven storage solution. Its energy storage solutions allow power system and utility customers to unlock value from existing power infrastructure by liberating reserve capacity, enabling renewable facilities to generate new revenue streams, improving flexibility and reliability of the power system, and meeting peak power demand.


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