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The Advanced Energy Group, or AEG, is a stakeholder member sponsored organization with chapters in Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York City and Washington D.C. Members include utilities, city governments, hospitals, universities and other parties interested in transforming the way cities consume, store, and produce energy. Advanced Energy Group was created in September 2014 in Chicago with the launch of Chicago Advanced Energy. Since 2014, the consortium has expanded rapidly, and grown to include some of the most important players in the urban energy industry.

Advanced Energy Stakeholder Groups convene quarterly in key cities to help coordinate the energy modernization actions of regulatory bodies, utilities, transmission operators, city, state and federal governments, large energy users and energy solution providers to architect a more affordable, cleaner and reliable energy future, today. Some of the topics that are covered in these meetings include:

-Critical infrastructure & Microgrids

-Energy, Mobility &Transportation

-Smart buildings, DERs & Grid modernization

-Internet of things, Technology and Cybersecurity

-Climate change, Resiliency and Sustainability goals

By bringing the stakeholders together to discuss energy modernization, AEG helps to keep important energy issues in the spotlight and provides states and cities with a stakeholder engagement framework to deliver transformational results.

In 2016, AEG launched its sister company, Advanced Energy Agency, which provide a suite of services to client companies. These services include, but are not limited to, consulting, market strategy, events, and media services. HG Chissell, the CEO of AEG, has extensive experience working in the advanced energy industry, and as a result, can provide valuable information about the interconnection of DERs to the electric grid and system optimization to maximize the benefits from demand response.

Another resource provided by AEG is its podcast. This podcast features discussions with some of the most important players in the New York State and national energy storage industry industries. More information and an archive of the podcasts can be found here. On a similar note, AEG regularly conducts video interviews with industry experts that are available here.

The variety and quality of services provided by AEG makes it unique. Its national scope complements the work of NY-BEST. While AEG is not specifically focused on energy storage, its role in New York’s advanced energy industry has been, and continues to be, significant.

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Dec 20, 2017

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